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Upload Resolved, Broken Covers Fixed, Site Not Closing

07 April 2016 - 04:52 PM


Blame must be assigned to the faults that we've had and I'd like to take full responsibility. Although all has been resolved, I must explain to all what happened and why it took long to fix. We've had a rocky start to the New Year but we have time to make up.


I would also like to apologize to those that believed that it's our intention to close the site.


I'll die and FreeCovers will still move on.



I humbly thank you for sticking through and helping to calm the members, and rectify issues that you could have, in my absence.


Gold Members + Elites,

Of all, I owe you the most. You have been the force that keeps the servers online and a lot of you contribute beyond that to our community. To you, I extend my deepest apologies.



It is my hope that you didn't run out of space storing all those covers yet to be uploaded. I also hope that we can reignite your passion for sharing the covers that you love.


What happened?

In short, software upgrades broke existing code and this led to the upload section being down.


Why were covers broken?

Whenever a cover is temporarily inaccessible, it gets marked as broken. This could be from a locked drive or a bad sync between servers.


Why weren't these issues solved earlier?

This has much to do with me. From the start of the year, personal life swallowed me and left me with little to no time for online. That has been resolved and I'm here.


What now?

Now, I have hundreds of messages to respond to and dozens of issues to resolve. It may take me a week to get to everyone but the least that I can do is respond personally to all.


With love and respect,