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In Topic: Windows Vista & Connecting to INTERNET

12 February 2007 - 07:30 PM

QUOTE(memoman @ Feb 12 2007, 06:20 PM)
hi welcome to the board
sounds like you need updated drivers but check if your modem is supported by vista i heard to even instll a digital camera you need to download a license from microsoft ,but i think a fact.thats not .however thinking about it if you have no lights onyour modem it sounds like it could also a dead modem or power supply do you not even have a power light? do you other usb devices work ok. does windows ask for  you to insert a disk?.

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Hi again,
I am presently using that usb modem on a different pc along with windows xp.
Yes, vista asks for the install disk and installs the drivers just fine, but does not recognize them to connect the modem or install the modem as it should.
I have been searching for updated drives, but can't find any...anywhere.
I have also made phone contact with microsoft about this problem but they cannot help me.
Marconi is the manufacturer of the usb modem and they cannot help me either.