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In Topic: STD Testing & STD Screening

Today, 01:10 AM

How about you take your STDS elsewhere and discuss them?  Fed up with SPAMMERS who have no interest in this other than to sandbag some fool who happens to click.

In Topic: downloading cd covers

Today, 01:08 AM

Leather it actually does sound to me like it may be site-related, only because it's only CD covers it's doing it with.  

I was going to suggest a similar strategy to what Harley did - because I've had similar success opening an unopenable inside a programme and re-saving it.

My biggest rescuer programme ever is Irfanview.  It's a freebie, lightweight, and does loads of stuff.  It might be worth a shot my friend.  Nothing ventured nothing gained eh?


In Topic: downloading cd covers

Yesterday, 02:05 PM

Hi Leather!

Is there any chance you can take a screenshot of what's happening for me?


In Topic: Cannot subscribe

Yesterday, 12:32 PM

I tried to "like" the two most recent posts but keep getting an error message...just so you know I tried (and have actually never clicked 'like' before so the quota must be ZERO)

An error occurred

You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day


In Topic: Cannot subscribe

Yesterday, 12:31 PM

Same for me for 6 months , Gold Lifetime member and I cannot d/l uncompressed covers.  It tells me to upgrade? messages sent to admi for action and problem unsolved.

I know you've probably already tried, but I hate seeing nobody answering you - have you tried logging out, shutting your browser, clearing your cookies, and then logging back in to try again?