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Posted 21 August 2016 - 12:44 AM

I would like to see a feature added to the current .php code for searching covers.  Personally I think it should be accessible to everyone, but if you want to limit it to Gold Members that's fine too.¹


Please don't use the same color for every Link/Anchor State


Now that Freecovers.net appears to be approaching stability, I expect to be using the site regularly and I implore you: It is madness to use the same color for every anchor/link state (eg. Visited, Not Visited, Hover, Text-Decoration, Mouseover, etc.), particularly with a high-activity file server and hosted forum.  If FCnet won't provide Members with the basic facility of distinguishing links they have already visited by styling them in their own unique color, then whoever is managing this site ought to at a minimum recognize what is in their own best interest:  Do you want to throttle your site's bandwidth?  Then dispatch thousands of FCnet Members to repeatedly invoke your script and choke your server by suffering them to download the same file, multiple times. 


I actually like  Freecovers.net's site layout.  It's basic, and the fact of what it is not (repulsive) is saying something given the others out there. :P If I had only one request this would be it. Since the code consists of changing exactly 6 characters in your stylesheet/script I'm fairly certain it can be implemented within minutes.  Currently I have to disable all styles to keep tabs on what I've already downloaded from FCnet.  Please add the feature for both our sakes so I don't have to effectively disable the browser's styles just to see links & downloads I've already visited on Freecovers.net?


One final note: Overriding the "Visited" setting in Firefox by blocking FCnet's style is problematic at best.  That isn't a criticism of FCnet, but rather one in a long littany of Firefox complaints ever since the browser sold out on us and joined the Dark Side.²  I can set just that one ("Visited Link") color preference in Firefox's Options but it butchers everything else, as well.






¹ since I am a Gold Member already :smoke:

² Chrome

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