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Where Is The Environment For Elite Scanners ?

08 February 2010 - 04:38 PM

On this site ?

I see lot's of posts talking about the ways forwards and the examples highlight a lot that is lacking on this site. There is no facility for Original High Quality Cover providers or any incentive and little or no respect. There is an inner sanctum that is highly protective of their contribution or lack of and a great disrespect to members who actually who actually produce originality.

What's he talking about ?

Simple answer, you don't do your own work where are you getting the covers from ?
and where you get them from don't you think we all can get them from there too ?

There is no facility here for members to upload their high res raw scans that they can't edit. I would like to see as a way forwards an upload section for these types of scans. I would also like to see another section that once these scans are edited and finished the up loader can download them and upload in their own name. Not too difficult in my book just a few mouse clicks in the admin bulletin board and a few access masks. The number of uploaders of high quality raw scans can be controlled.

I can see problems when a site is destined on statistics and not quality and have a management with little or no capability in producing a cover themselves. This isn't a complaint but an observation. You can create a new environment not influenced by those who have a pleasure in stealing others covers and uploading in their own name. On the top sites this doesn't happen everything uploaded is done by the uploader.

So we have a conflict ?

somebody who steals 10,000 cover downloads from across the web is an asset and somebody who creates the original is a liability ?

Surely both camps can exist with equal respect.

All I see is aggressive moderation by a lot who are short on ability to create original works which in the long run will only turn the originators away.

So as a way forwards and not a challenge to your norm please can you create a home for people like me.


For All Region 2 Downloaders

07 February 2010 - 06:30 AM

I have 1000's of covers scanned by me to my quality to upload for you.

If you have used my downloads to date please be assured that all of my work is the same however due to certain aspects o0f this sites management I will be restricting my work.

If you have benefitted from my work and look forwards to more please make a reply to this post. The more positive replies the more original covers I will supply,

At The End Of Day

07 February 2010 - 06:20 AM

Like it says at the end of day I don't need to do this however for over 6000 down loaders I am a possibility. Don't offer my work for free down load make all of my downloads only available to Gold Members. oops I need to drink a few liters, ah thats better, lol.

The more you drink the more you can steal from other sites ? lol wouldn't know but another underhand attack ?

I have 1000's more web original scans to upload as my uploads to date. Yes you can search a title but no it's not the same as mine unless it has been done by me for a previous site.

Covers Being Rejected Part 3

04 February 2010 - 03:31 PM

Yes there is a part 3 and firstly let me remind you what an Admin or a Moderator says goes without any argument.

A simple yardstick for the future for any cover label being rejected issue that you wish to complain about please PM me with your complaint. I will provide you with an e-mail address where you can upload me your original scan and also your interpretation of your original scan. If you can't then admit that you stole the cover/label from another site and we have better and your upload is debatable.

Because you upload a cover/label gives you no right to demand it's inclusion here.

Because your cover is denied gives you no rights to slag off those involved in approving your uploads.

I think you need to know that we know upload patterns, we know how consistent your uploads are and also how inconsistent they are and the latter assists with a non approval decision.

Please consider your uploads and whether they are already here, please consider that where you have downloaded them from we can all do the same.

Do your own ? then please chat with me and together we can add to this site and create realistic statistics and progress the site.