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Wii U Replacement NON-Eco-Cases

NintendoWii U games cases

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 05:01 AM

So, I've been pretty disappointed with Nintendo of America's skimping of general products and services, and their current Wii U game disc cases is one of them.


So, to start off for those that may not know, movie distributors have been packaging DVD movies and even blu-rays in cases called "Eco Case", by Viva Packaging. It's received plenty of criticism over the past few years. 


Here is a link to Viva Packaging website, where you can get a clear view on these flimsy cases.


Thankfully, the 14mm black DVD eco-cases and Blu-Ray cases are easily replacable with the normal standard sturdy cases. However, in NIntendo's case, the current Wii U teal/turquoise game cases are next to impossible to find, in a non-Eco form. Microsoft learned their lesson after they went to Eco-Cases late in the Xbox360's life, when consumers complained about them, so they switched back. Now with Xbox One, the cases remain sturdy, and are even in a smaller green blu-ray style case, ala PS3 cases.


So, if anyone here knows where to get high quality Wii U colored DVD cases, please let me know. There are currently terrible knock-offs circulating eBay and Amazon, with bad quality moldings and lose/wrinkled clear-wrap overlays.












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Posted 10 January 2019 - 09:58 PM

Just ten more days to go until Nintendo whips out their Wii. Have you pre-ordered?